Our Story

Our Core Values: The Meaning of Karve

When choosing our company name, it was imperative that we chose a name that brought meaning to life for our team and partners.

We looked for inspiration from the Viking era of Norwegian Culture. The “Karve” was an integral ship within the Viking fleet that was highly utilized to ensure communities of people, goods and livestock were safely transported across rough and shallow waters.

As our core business is supporting our partners by providing safe, comfortable and high-quality lodging for individuals that are living away from home, we feel the word Karve has captured our core values. Every day, we bring these values to life, and we’re proud of our brand, Karve Builders Inc.

Karve Builders: Remote Building Excellence You Can Trust

Karve Builders is a turnkey construction company specializing in the installation of modular building applications such as:

  • Remote Workforce Housing
  • Space Rentals
  • Permanent Modular Construction

Our team is comprised of the modular building industry’s top Construction Managers and Field Staff. While our roots are in Western Canada, Karve Builders performs work across North America.