Health, Safety + Environment

Health and Safety is at the core of everything we do

Our health and safety culture allows the Karve Builders team and its partners to actively participate and accomplish our goal of a healthy, injury free environment. As a COR certified company, the Karve Builders HSE program meets or exceeds applicable safety legislation and regulations.


Our Key Principles

– Maintaining a state of the art HSE program based on industry leading best practices and procedures

– Meeting or exceeding all applicable OHS and Environmental regulations at all times.

– Providing safe working conditions for all workers and contractors on Karve Builders work sites

– Monitoring safety performance to proactively mitigate risks

– Report and communicate safety performance and alerts to all levels of the organization.


Our goal is a healthy, injury-free workplace for all workers. By working together, we can achieve this goal


At Karve Builders we believe that the highest standard HSE is achieved through leadership, communication and education.  This approach will ensure that its HSE culture will thrive and allow us to achieve our HSE goals and ensure that all individuals involved in our program will achieve our main goal by having our team members return safely home to their families at the end of every shift.  Karve Builders believes that everyone on site has a role to play in achieving a safe workplace. We do this through holding individuals accountable and responsible for their role in the safety program. Supervisors are well trained, and knowledgeable in OHS practices and legislation. Workers and contractors are trained and competent in HSE responsibilities and are expected to be active participants in the safety program at all times.


We strive to be industry leaders on environmental performance

Karve Builders will strive to always ensure that our work is conducted in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. This is achieved through rigorous pre-project planning and on site execution. Our workers and supervisors are trained in spill response and investigation to ensure that in the unlikely event of an environmental incident on site, we will endeavour to minimize impact and provide our full cooperation to our customer and to any relevant government agencies.